Sue Mercuriadis: Who Am I?

Qest4/Asyra Bioresonance forms the basis of my practice now, incorporating homeopathy and energy medicine into a comprehensive health analysis which aims to restore balance to body and soul.

Who Am I?

My whole life I have lived with one foot on either side of the pond. Born and raised in Leeds, I moved to Canada with my family as a teenager. I studied Child Development at McGill University in Montreal and obtained my BA, graduating aged 20. A stint of modelling followed, which was fun, but not really my thing. Soon after I met my now husband and we moved to London to start a family, raising 3 lovely girls.

Having children raised my awareness of alternative medicine, and in a bid to learn more, I started my first course in Homeopathy in 2000. It really resonated with me and I started taking patients, under supervision, that year. We moved to Manhattan the next year and I continued my studies at the New York School of Homeopathy with Suzanne Sonz. Being able to see results and have people trust me with their health, confirmed to me that I was on the right path.

My fourth child, a boy, was born the day after 9/11 in New York City. I was so glad of the homeopathic support, especially in  those circumstances. The city and my family were in shock in the days that followed, but I believe the remedies helped to keep us grounded and to fully recover more completely.

I continued my studies online at the College of Practical Homeopathy with Ellen Kramer. The home studying worked well for me while raising my four children, moving from NY to LA and supporting my husband's active career in Music Management. I treated friends, family, pets and artists throughout the years and became known jokingly as Dr Sue! 

After living in NY and LA for a total of 15 years, we arrived back in London in 2015. I was very happy to be home and felt that there was plenty of support for Alternative health in the UK.  I completed my degree in homeopathy at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in 2016. After a long and winding road of studies including  Holistic Counselling, Nutritional Medicine, Homeobotanical and Narayani Remedies, I feel I have many tools in my kit to offer people.

My view of motherhood has meant that I am very hands on and involved in the upbringing of these souls that have been sent to teach us and entrust  with their growth and development. Their challenges have become learning curves and I have grown along with them. I am very aware of nutrition, mental health issues, the power of being heard, and educational pit falls. This means I have plenty to offer based on my experiences and can share valuable information and resources.

I am also trained in Reiki and can offer this as part of the treatment. Reiki simply helps the body to calm itself and allow for balance to be restored. I believe in healing hands and the soothing effect of confident and gentle touch.